Hot Spots and Summer Itchy Skin

Summertime can sometimes mean itchy skin for some dogs.  This is due to grass allergens as well as bacterial infections caused from the heat and moisture.  Many dogs get Hot Spots which are typically moist, infected areas on the skin that itch.  They will start out small and grow quickly.  They can become very painful and infected.  If caught early on Groomer's Secret Derma-Ease spray can help stop the itch and dry up the hot spot.  If infection has set in, please see your veterinarian for antibotics to use with the Derma-Ease spray. 

Other skin issues and itching can be relieved by bathing your dog regularly in Groomer's Secret Nature's Remedy shampoo.  This Tea Tree Oil shampoo works as a diluted product to reach and penetrate the skin to help heal and stop the itch.  Our shampoo is safe to use weekly since it contains no harsh soap or detergents.  It acutally helps to wash away the allergens while soothing the skin.

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