About All Is Well Pets | Groomer's Secret Salon

All Is Well, A Groomer's Secret Salon, LLC opened on Trolley Rd, Summerville, April 2007. We began as a home based grooming business in 1999. We studied nutrition, allergies and how our environment can adversely affect our pets. In doing so we formulated Groomer's Secret, our own line of all natural shampoo, conditioners and hot spot treatment. For years we successfully worked with our clients concerning their pet's allergies. In 2007 we decided to open as a "one stop shop" so to speak. This would enable us to work directly with the public and share the positive outcome that nutrition can play in pet allergies and overall health.

about us
As a grooming salon we have always offered personalized services that cater to the dogs' wellbeing. We believe that grooming should be a fun, relaxing occasion that is enjoyed by both the dog and groomer. Interaction during grooming should be positive and rewarding.

Holistic pet care is to be inclusive of the 'whole' pet; to take into account the mind, body, and spirit of both the pet and the owner. At All is Well, A Groomer's Secret Salon we create a helpful, stress-free environment to promote positive emotions in both the animals and their owners.

Since our start in 1999, we have seen the positive changes in pet allergies due to proper nutrition and all natural grooming products. It is very rewarding to see these changes in the mind, body and spirit of our pets through the holistic approach.

We are committed to building and maintaining a relationship with our customers and their pets, as a leader in the nutrition world for pets. We have done, and will continue to do, research to provide the best and safest products for your pets. We will carry only products we truly believe to be the best for your pet based on the quality of the ingredients and the quality control of the company. It is our commitment to our consumers that our staff will be up-to-date with the latest nutrition information.

We feel that by creating a positive, helpful environment and having a knowledgeable staff with the latest nutrition information, we will not only educate but also build long-term relationships with our clients.