Pollen and Your Pet


As the pollen starts to fall, you will notice more skin issues with your pets. Dogs will begin to scratch more, have ear infections, sneezing, watery eyes and nose, and hot spots. Airborne allergens, such as pollen, create histamines. When you pet comes in contact with the allergen, he responds by trying to eliminate it by creating histamines. Histamines in turn cause the symptoms mentioned above.

To help eliminate the symptoms and keep your dog more comfortable during this pollen season we recommend the following: To keep the skin and coat free from the pollen, you can wash often during the heavy pollen months of March and April. We recommend using a non detergent, non soap containing shampoo. You can safely wash your dog twice a week with Groomer's Secret. We developed this line of products 10 years ago to target skin and coat health using only the best natural ingredients. Our line of Groomer's Secret shampoo contains coconut oil derived cleaning agents to safely and effectively clean the skin and coat. The thin consistency of our shampoo reaches the skin to clean away pollen, dirt and odors. We use all natural oils to soothe the skin and enhance the coat. We recommend our Nature's Remedy shampoo during pollen season. It soothes and heals the skin with Tea Tree Oil, therefore stopping the itch. We always recommend our Silk Solutions Conditioner to help properly moisturize the skin and coat. Proper moisture balance using silk protein naturally replaces the lost lipids from the skin caused by day to day activities. The heaters in our homes during these cold months deplete the dogs' skin and coat of lipids causing them to have dry skin just as it does for us. Dry skin is not always noticeable. Even slightly dry skin allows dirt, bacteria from ponds and puddles, and pollen to evade the skin. When dry the skin is more porous, when moisturized, it has a layer of protection. We also, have a hot spot spray that drys and quickly heals hot spots. It can also be safely used as an ear cleaner. It contains Tea Tree Oil to heal and a natural drying agent to help dry up the hot spot. You never want to put ointment on a hot spot. They must dry to heal.

Dogs that lick and chew their feet during pollen season do well with having their feet washed when they come inside. Using a low bucket of pan of water at the door, dip each food in the water and pat dry with a clean towel. This lifts the pollen off of the foot and from between the pads. Just wiping sometimes pushes the pollen in between the pad.

We also recommend that dogs with allergy symptoms consult with their veterinarians about the proper does of an antihistamine. Proper use of antihistamines such as Claritin, Zyrtec and Benedryl offer relief to dogs by blocking the histamines that the pollen are creating. Only give your dogs medication after consulting with your veterinarian. Even antihistamines that are safely used for dogs can be dangerous if complete medical history is not known.

Cats are also bothered by pollen. Cats tend to sneeze more with runny nose and watery eyes. They can scratch more and loose hair. Losing hair for a cat means hair ball since they clean themselves. Cats are not as easily bathed and we do not recommend Tea Tree Oil for cats at all. It can be an allergen in itself for cats. Since they are more sensitive we only recommend our Silk Solutions Shampoo and conditioner for them. It not only washes away pollen and the loose hair but also aids in quick shedding by conditioning the coat. I only recommend washing a cat that will tolerate water. I suggest having a helper and a towel close by. Many cats love baths but those do not will let you know. Cats can also have antihistamines. The exact type and dose can only be determined by your veterinarian. Cats are very sensitive and require a closer examination to determine what the best remedy is for their symptoms.