The Positive Effects Of Tea Tree Oil For Your Dog

Over the years we have been asked how we can use tea tree oil in our Groomer's Secret Nature's Remedy Shampoo without it causing harm to dogs. Tea tree oil can be toxic to both humans and animals if used full strength. I would like to explain the benefits as well as the dangers of tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil when used properly in dogs can heal dry, damaged skin, kill yeast, kill fleas and scabies, and soothe the itchy skin caused by airborne allergens. We have used tea tree oil in our shampoo since 2004 with only positive results. When diluted properly and mixed with the correct ingredients, tea tree oil has a medicinal use.

Tea tree oil when used incorrectly full strength, improperly diluted or mixed with things that can cause a reaction can be fatal, or temporally paralyze a dog or cat. We recommend that tea tree oil never be used on cats. They clean themselves and cats are hyper sensitive to many essential oils. We also recommend that you never use tea tree oil on your dog unless it has been mixed by a professional and only in a product that is made for use on a dog.

I am sure you are asking yourself how something so dangerous can be trusted in a product that claims to be helpful? Full strength essential oils compared to cyan peppers....if used full strength the effects can be harmful, if diluted and used as an additive, the effects are amazing! Not all things are better if used full strength.

We have seen over the years of bathing and grooming tens of thousands of dogs, only positive results using our Nature's Remedy. We also have many testimonials on our products website listed below.


Please see the article linked below written by veterinarians about tea tree oil.

written by Steve Marsden, DVM ND MSOM LAc DiplCH AHG,

Shawn Messonnier, DVM and Cheryl Yuill, DVM, MSc, CVH.