Buck - Then and Now

When I first adopted Buck, a young black lab/hound mix puppy, in November of 2013 he was in rough shape. He had mange, bald spots, was underweight, and was itchy and miserable. My friends Annette and Christina at All is Well provided me with wonderful information about how the right shampoo and conditioner, food, and supplements along with the treatment he was getting from the vet could help to turn my puppy's life around. At their suggestion, I began feeding him Fromm Gold - one of the many great brands of dog food they carry in All is Well. I also began supplementing his food with Grizzly Salmon Oil and bathing him in their Groomer's Secret Nature's Remedy Shampoo and conditioner. As the months progressed, my itchy, bald patched puppy began to blossom! His coat grew in 10x softer and shinier than before, and the itchiness that had been causing him so much suffering was gone. Today, Buck is happy, healthy, sporting a beautiful shiny coat, and is itch free! I cannot thank Annette, Christina, and the rest of the knowledgable staff at All is Well for helping me provide the best possible care for Buck. I truly believe he would not be where he is today without their constant help and guidance as well as providing wonderful food and products to keep him happy and healthy! Thank you All is Well!