Puppies, Allergies and the Immune System

Allergies are a direct reflection of the immune system. The stronger the immune system, the less allergies. Puppies need proper nutrition as well as some important boost to help that immune system get off to the right start. Always feed a high quality, wheat and corn free puppy food. Corn and wheat are high allergens for dogs. The more they are exposed to an allergen the more likely they will develop a sensitivity to it. Try to find a food that is rice, oat and barley based and one that is a multi-protien. This allows the body to digest and build an immunity rather than to be overloaded with one ingredient thus causing the immune system to take notice. You can supplement the 5 week old puppy with organic coconut oil. Coconut oil builds the immune system, fights yeast, and contains omegas to help the skin, coat, and joints. Use ½ teaspoon per 15 pounds of dog. Most puppies will need only drops in their food. Coconut oil is a solid unless 75 degrees or above. You can run hot water on the outside of the glass jar for a minute or so to liquify it . I then pour it into an oil and vinegar bottle for easy warming and pouring Always use half the recommended amount for the first week to be sure it does not cause loose stool. You can also use Animal Essentials OL Immune drops directly into the mouth. It is a blend of herbs that has been proven to build the immune system. I begin these at about 6 weeks of age. Again, being sure to dose appropriately.

Once, the first shots are given, grass time should be limited. Just as with food, outdoor allergens in high dose will cause the immune system to take notice. You can wipe the feet off with a wet wash cloth to remove the allergens when returning inside.

As for bathing puppies, you want to use a non detergent shampoo that is easy on the skin so not to dry out the skin and coat. I recommend our Groomer's Secret Silk Shampoo, but if that is not available, try Johnson's Baby Shampoo. It does contain die and fragrance but at least will not strip the skin and coat of the natural oils. Bathing often with the right products is not harmful. If bathing frequently, using our Silk Solutions Conditioner is a good idea to ensure the natural proteins are being replaced. As always, be careful not to get water directly into the ear canal. A spray of water goes much deeper than a dog naturally swimming.