Our Promise To You

  As we near our 10-year mark in this store front, I wanted to take the time to let our clients know that we still stand for what we stood for 10 years ago.
  Our mission at All Is Well in Summerville SC, is to inform pet owners of the benefits of holistic pet care. Holistic pet care is attention to the overall health of your pet in mind, body and spirit. Pet food, pet grooming supplies, lifestyle, and emotional well-being all play a part in your pet's complete health and wellness
  The staff at All Is Well has over 30 years of experience in the pet industry. As certified pet nutritionists, we can help you make informed decisions regarding your pet's dietary needs. We offer free skin and coat evaluations to help determine the best nutritional products for your pet. We're here to help educate you on pet products that will enhance the lives of both you and your pet.
   Unlike other pet stores that carry natural products, we carry only human grade, corn and wheat free, no dye, nothing artificial products from trusted companies with extremely high standards of quality control. We research each company to ensure what we recommend for your pet is the best, truly natural product using human grade ingredients. So many franchises are claiming to be "natural" pet stores. Some even use it in their name. As an independent, mom and pop pet store with over 30 years’ experience in the pet industry, we pride ourselves on standing up for what we believe in and only carrying products from trusted likeminded companies.
   Our promise to you is to continue to help pets with their nutritional needs, help problem solve allergy issues and work hand in hand with your veterinarian to ensure we meet your dog’s medical needs naturally.

  Customer service is the backbone of our business because our clients are family to us!